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When Good Ads Fail

by Roy H Williamswww.WizardOfAds.com Like so many Sir Galahads on the quest for the Holy Grail, businesspeople continue to search with near-religious ardor for “the perfect ad campaign.” And many, when they have found it, learn that it’s not enough. One of the greatest myths in marketing is the belief that advertising, by itself, is…

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Call to action advertising!

by Lisa Shaw Let’s talk about a call to action advertising. I cringe every time a prospect or client tells me they want to say, “Mention this ad.” Nobody ever mentions an ad. call to action advertising Well, I sure don’t, and I tell them that. It’s actually insulting to savvy consumers to have to do…

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“I’m Using Facebook and Social Media”

Social media is another way for a company to market their brand, alongside radio, tv and print. Younger businesses who have not set aside a budget for advertising will tend to only market on social media since they perceive it to be free advertising. However, there is a cost and there are some things to…

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I Heard that Print Media was Dead

When we hear about print media, we typically think about newspapers, magazines and the like, but print media really encompasses a broad range of things. Signage of any kind can appear on the front of a building, on billboards, or on public transportation. There’s also political signage, direct mail, banners, business cards, brochures and even…

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Print Advertising in 2018

What is the status of Print Advertising in 2018? Let’s look at this from a more macro view.  The fact that print advertising continues to be remarkably effective is not the same as claiming other forms of marketing communications are not. Internet marketing for global players has become the first choice in many cases by providing…

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