Stone artist: Akie Nakata is an artist who makes her creations out of the unusual medium of small rocks or stones. As a child, Akie, as she is known, loved to draw animals and birds, and a few years ago she decided to paint them on rocks and stones. She has an uncanny ability to choose exactly the right stone for her subject, be it an owl, a puppy, a pigeon, or a kitten. She never changes the stone by chipping any of it away to suit the design. Instead, she leaves the rock as she found it. Once complete, her creatures seem alive, with the eyes looking out at the viewer.

Weather dog: During the COVID-19 pandemic, a weatherman in Tampa, Florida (U.S.), got some help with his broadcast from a furry friend. Paul Dellegatto was on camera in his home office, with the cameraman aiming the lens at him from outside his window. Suddenly, Dellegatto’s golden retriever, Brody, entered the frame. In doing so, he nudged the computer, and the weather map blinked off. Dellegatto soldiered on, reading the material instead. Brody then decided to go to the window to greet the cameraman, blocking the camera’s view. No matter – viewers loved the interruption!

Tile creations: A mosaic artist in the city of Chicago, Illinois (U.S.), not only makes works of art, but does a service to his city at the same time. Jim Bachor learned about the beauty and durability of mosaics after taking courses in Italy. Back home, he decided to use the tough material to beautify his neighborhood while fixing a pothole. One thing led to another, and soon Bachor had become a street artist. He started looking for potholes and designing custom mosaics to decorate them. He uses traffic cones to protect his work while it sets.

Desert island: An island off the coast of Senegal, in northwest Africa, is home to the Viana Desert. The island is Boa Vista, which is part of Cape Verde, an archipelago of nine islands. The Viana Desert is actually an extension of the Sahara Desert, with the wind carrying sand from mainland Africa. This small desert is about 5 kilometers (3 mi.) long and has dunes, volcanic rocks, and sparse vegetation. The hiking is not difficult for adventurers, and outfitters are available to take visitors on excursions.