Social media is another way for a company to market their brand, alongside radio, tv and print. Younger businesses who have not set aside a budget for advertising will tend to only market on social media since they perceive it to be free advertising. However, there is a cost and there are some things to consider with regard to social media.
  • What is the correlation between their ideal customer and users of social media? Is it reaching their target customer?
  • What is the true cost in time and money required to maintain the messaging on the various platforms on a regular basis? (How does this compare to Coffee News®?)
  • How does the end-user view the business that is advertising? Is it viewed as an unwanted invasion into their personal lives and therefore a negative correlation, or does the end-user see it as a positive and be likely to engage and share their business and positive experiences with their friends and colleagues?
  • How do you control the commentary and messaging be it positive or negative?
  • What is their expectation with this type of advertising?
  • What do they feel the true value of a “like” is?
  • It’s constantly changing. What’s hot today is cold tomorrow. Where should I be and how do I keep up with this fast-moving target?
  • Is the business getting assistance on how to effectively utilize social media?
The bottom line is that social media can be a good branding tool as long as it is targeted to the right people, but we know that there is a cost associated with it. Whether it be dollars put toward “boosting” out to a targeted audience in a certain area, or simply in the time required to creating the content and messaging each day, week, etc. Regardless, they have to supplement this type of advertising with something else.
Questions to ask yourself…
  • What are my thoughts about social media in general? Am I personally on social media?
  • How do I feel my social media campaign is working?
  • Since not everyone is on social media, what other types of advertising am I doing alongside to diversify your messaging?
  • How often am I creating and sending out new messages?
  • Am I creating these messages myself or do I hire someone to do this for me?
  • How much time is spent creating and posting each week?
  • Who is my target customer and do I feel my social media campaign effectively reaches both new and existing customers who have the money to spend on my products and services? (Have I been targeted by them on social media or seen their ads?)
  • Do I feel that I have a healthy engagement with my customers on social media?
  • What other types of advertising have Iu done in the past and what do I feel was most effective?
Answers to these questions will help you to understand your client’s priorities and expectations so that you can better educate and guide them down the right path.
Coffee News® is a great supplement to their social media and online marketing campaigns as it solidifies their alongside positive controlled content and targets customers on the local level who have the money to spend on their products or services. It is also a great way of promoting their social media pages.

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