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  • The Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts September 18, 2020 - Ultimately, people are a product of their influences. Even truly groundbreaking business thinkers use the ideas, the perspectives, and the advice of others as the basis for their own thoughts and act…Tweeted by @LifeLeadership4
  • Romantic Coastal Mississippi's Secret Coast - Thrifty Mommas Tips September 18, 2020 - Fifteen minutes into our drive through Coastal Mississippi, the sun loses its grip on the sky erupting in a blaze of citrus shades fanning out from the centre. We couldn’t have timed the sunset bette…Tweeted by @inkscrblr
  • Black Women Are Starting Businesses At A Faster Rate Than Any Other Demographic - Blavity September 18, 2020 - Black women are starting businesses quicker than anyone else despite the hurdles they face. WSB-TV spoke to two women who took advantage of the initiatives dedicated to dedicated to helping women lea…Tweeted by @DrHarris1911
  • Why You'd Be Wise to Get In Early On Instagram Reels for Social Media Marketing September 17, 2020 - As you may have heard, Instagram recently released its newest feature, Instagram Reels, allowing users to create and edit 15-second video clips set to music. Sounds familiar, right? Many have been co…Tweeted by @MobileMeYou
  • Hattiesburg MS Business Guide Directory Free Listing Advertising Google Ranking September 17, 2020 - A new business directory listing service has been launched by Mississippi Business Guide. They provide a platform for companies to increase reach and brand awareness throughout the local area. Laurel…Tweeted by @MediaSm_art
  • Mississippi Leads the Nation in K-12 Progress and College Persistence Among Southern States September 17, 2020 - The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) praised Mississippi for its achievements in education from early childhood through college in its 2020 report on the progress of education in the South. M…Tweeted by @MSyallpolitics